why choose us

We take pride in our work. We aim to be regular and reliable. And of course we give a quality clean, not just the glass, but the frames too. In fact, if you're not happy after a clean, let us know and we'll come back.

Also unlike many other cleaners, we are fully insured and fully equipped.

other services

Aswell as the services mentioned
On this page we can also provide the following:

  • Upvc Restoring (stain removal)
  • Cladding cleaning
  • Drive Cleaning
  • Tiled roof cleaning (moss etc)
  • Inside Window Cleaning

Residentail Services

Our main service is of course Window Cleaning. But do offer other services to. Below are brief descriptions of our services and what we do.

Unfortunately we can put a price list up as every house and job is different. Some would be cheaper than the average, and of course some more expensive. For a quote, estimate, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

windnow cleaning

Although we do some traditional style window cleaning, nearly all of our exterior work is done the the Water-Fed-Pole system. This means that we can get to all sorts of awkard and difficult to get to windows.

We can do up to 5 stories with ease. Aswell as the glass we also clean the frames and sills.To find out how the WFS system works and why it is so good, please click here. We will also clean the inside of your property on request,

See video

Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

Gutters are inportant to keep clean. When blocked they can cause all sorts of problems. Some are difficult to reach, and grime build on the exterior making the gutters and fascias look unsightly.

With new Gutter Vac equipment Ventana Windows easily solves these problems. Have your gutters scooped out, downpipes unblocked and your fascias washed, all in a morning. To see how the Vacumn system works, see the video.


Conservatory roof cleaning

A dirty conservatory roof really spoils the look of your home, and the feel of it inside. Difficult to clean? And the trelace at the top is difficult to clean also? With our equipment and special chemicals that easuly cut through the dirt and grime, Ventana Windows can clean you conservatory roof leaving looking and feeling it clean as it should be.

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