How to Pay Online

Paying by cash is great but not always convient. Many don't carry cash, or just aren't in during the day when windows are cleaned. Paying online is a great solution. There are many other benifts to this service though. Here we explain some of the benifits, and how to pay, online.


Firstly, there are four methods of payment we accept:

Cheques may be sent by post to the address on the receit. Please post with the cheque a note with your address (first line) so the payment can be acredited to you. The other way is online. How does this work? What do you do? And is it safe? It's easy, secure, and you kept an electronic record of each payment.

Let's start by explaining one thing first. You may be thinking of shopping websites where pay on there website using your credit/debit card. Thats not how you pay us online. Essentialy what you do is a bank transfer. This is still done online. You access your own bank account and transfer the payment directly to ours. Depending on your bank the exact steps may vary slightly, but here's some simple instructions on what to do.

Step 1: Log in to online banking page. Online banking is free with most banks. If you don't have this, try your banks website or pop in store and ask. You normally login in from their main page. For eample: With Barclays, go to and on the hompage click log in. Follow the login process.

Step 2: Now you need to to start your first payment. Your bank will probably issue you with a card PIN reader. This is a way of identifying you, like when putting in your PIN when using and ATM. You should only need to use this the first time you pay us. You can usually save the details for next time. Again, each bank is slightly different. Banking websites are often very helpful and should have a guide or demo.

Step 3: The payment is being transferred directly from your account to ours. To do this you will need to know where to send the money. On each receipt left after we clean your property, in the bottom corner is marked an account no. and sort code. During step 2 you will be asked for these. You will also be asked for a reference no. Your reference is the first line of your address. ie. 20 fiction rd. You need to use this reference so when we recieve the payment we can identify you have sent it.

Paying online is secure and fast and easy. It can be done at any time. Unlike sending a cheque it cannot be lost in the post. You are always in control. And you have a record of the payment as proof of payment. Many of our customers prefer paying online. Maybe you will too.