Direct Debit

You want to pay, to send a cheque or make a transfer, but you just keep forgetting. When you do remember, it's at the wrong time. We understand this and so have made paying as Easy as it gets! Derict Debit.


How does it work?

Press the link below, and fill out a few short details like your email and bank account and sort code. Don't worry, it's very secure! When you finish completing that form, and click Continue, then you are signing a Direct Debit Mandate. What is that? it simply means that you are giving Ventana Windows permission to debit money from your account after we provided a service to you. So, you fill out the form once, and then then you never lift a finger again! Cool aye? And unlike a Standing Order, you only pay if and when we've done the work. And it's not obligatory. So if one time, you would prefer to pay cash instead, then pay cash. Have some questions? We've put some answers below. But please feel free to contact us if you'd like more information.

What Happens?

We clean the windows according to the arrangment we have made with you. This may include confirming the clean before hand via text. After we clean the windows, we leave our card bill, so you know we've been. Then you recieve an email to notiify you that the specified cost will be debited from you account in 3 days time. Then, three days later, the money leaves your account, and you've paid, without any effort.

I dont always have money in my account?

Some people prefer for their Debits to come on or shortly after pay day. That's no problem when paying the window cleaner either. Just tell us your prefered date, and we'll adjust the debit to be taken out on that date. Again you'll get our card through the door when we've been, and an email reminder. Even then, if there's any problem, let us know, and we can delay the payment or make some other arrangement.

Am I Tied In?

No! Let us know at any time you wish to stop paying by Direct Debit and we will cancel it immediately.

What if I'm not happy with the windows/roof/gutters?

We aim to please. If our work falls below standard, contact us and we will come back and redo the work as necessary. We will not Debit money from your account until you are happy with our work.

What happens if I pay too much?

We will NEVER debit more than the agreed cost for the work we do. However if for whatever reason, somehow you were to be over charged, (you never will be) then tell us and we will refund the money immediately.

But, I prefer to pay cash?

You may still benifit from Direct Debit. DD doesn't need to be used for every clean. Many who like to pay quickly, and with cash or cheque at the door, sometimes aren't home and are happy for us to still come to clean. Rather than waiting until our next visit to pay, We can use Direct Debit to take payment for just those occasions.

We're always trying to improve our service. We hope that this new option benifits you.